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AISK has a defined dress code that aims to:

  • teach students the role appearance and neatness plays in developing a sense of pride in oneself and the school
  • maintain a degree of formality and decorum appropriate to a serious academic environment    
  • include clear guidelines that are enforced effectively
  • allow parents to avoid spending excessively
  • permit reasonable comfort    

What is the boys uniform?


 Boys Polo

 Boys Shorts:  Choice of khaki & blue


  Boys Pant:  Choice of khaki & blue

 Boys Hoodie



 Boys Zip Front Hoodie


What is the girls uniform?



 Girls Polo

Top of Knee Skirt:  Choice of khaki & blue



Girls Shorts:  
Choice of khaki & blue

 Below Knee Skirt:  
Choice of khaki & blue



 Girls Cardigan

 Girls Pullover


Zip Front Hoodie

Girls Pant:  Choice of khaki & blue

What is the PE uniform?





 Girls PE Logo Shorts

 Boys PE Logo Shorts



 PE Tee: Active Tee (Dri-fit)

 Hurricanes Heat Transfer   



 PE Tee: Essential Tee (cotton)

Hurricanes Heat Transfer

Cap & Short Logo 

Logo Cap: Choice of khaki & black 

Cap & Short Logo 

What is the House uniform?

 Active Tee -
Dri-fit (Unisex)

 Essential Tee -
Cotton, fem cut available

  Active Tee (Dri-fit) - Evergreen

 Essential Tee (cotton) - Evergreen



   Active Tee (Dri-fit) - Red

 Essential Tee (Cotton) - Red



   Active Tee (Dri-fit) - Cobalt

 Essential Tee (Cotton) - Cobalt


  Active Tee (Dry-fit)- Vibrant Sun

   Essential Tee (Cotton) - Racing Yellow


Heat transfer for House Tees

 If the Active Tee (dri-fit) is out of stock, the Essential Tee (cotton) must be purchased.

What is the Swim Kit?





MANDATORY: Swim caps, Towels, swim goggles, not masks.


 Long-sleeved Rash Guard  Short-sleeved Rash Guard

Uniform Guide

Uniform Fit Guide

 Uniform Fit Guide
 To ensure that the correct size is ordered for your child/ren please download the Uniform Fit Guide By clicking on the image above.

What is the AISK uniform dress code?


The school uniform is to be worn for the entire academic day with the exception of Physical Education classes (see below). This is also true for most field trips.

Shirt:     White short-sleeved polo shirt with the black, gold and green AISK logo
Pants/Skirt/Shorts: Navy blue or khaki colors only.  Must be worn at the waist and with a dark-colored belt if the shirt is tucked in. Pants/skirt/shorts must be plain, standard “uniform standard” clothing.  For shorts and skirts, length must be at or just above the knee.
Shoes/Socks: Must be solid, closed black shoes with no contrasting colors. Socks must be solid black, white, or dark single tones. Socks must be worn with shoes.
Cover-ups: There may be days when it is cool enough that a student may want to wear a jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt. The regulation school coverup is available online.
Jewelry:   Conservative, neat jewelry may be worn in moderation; jewelry must not be distracting.
Makeup:  Modest visible makeup is permitted; light-colored polish (clear, pale pinks, French manicures) is permitted.
Hair/facial hair:  Conservative, neat, natural-looking hair colors and styles only.
Hats: Hats are permitted for outdoor activities.  The wearing of sunscreen is strongly encouraged.
Religious observance: If any part of the uniform does not permit a student to dress in a manner that is required by his/her religious beliefs, s/he may apply to the Principal for consideration.



On PE days, elementary school students are permitted to wear their PE uniforms all day.

The Physical Education Uniform is only to be worn during physical education classes or during special events such as sports days. Students may arrive at school in this uniform if their first class is physical education. Students may wear the physical education uniform when leaving AISK if they had physical education during their last class of the day. The physical education uniform is the same for boys and girls:

Shirt:  AISK Hurricanes PE shirt - gray and House shirt (red, yellow, blue or green)
Shorts: AISK PE shorts with AISK logo
Shoes: Trainers/Sneakers, any color
Hats/Sunscreen: The wearing of hats and sunscreen for PE is encouraged
Jewelry: In general, no jewelry should be worn for PE.  Small items may be worn at the discretion of the PE teacher, but safety concerns will take precedence. 
House Events:

For House events, students must wear PE regulation shorts and the AISK standard house shirts available online. Other colored shirts and/or shorts are not acceptable.



How many uniforms do I order?

Department School Uniforms PE Uniforms  House
EYP - Grade 2  2  3  1
Grades 3 - 5  3  2  1
Grades 6 - 8   3  2  1
Grades 9 & 10  3  2  1
Grades 11 & 12  4  1  1

How do I order uniforms?

Uniform Ordering Procedure

All uniforms are purchased online from Lands' End. In the table below you will find the necessary information to place your uniform order:

Link to website
AISK Code 900138785
Mailpac Representative Samantha Ray
Mobile Number 876-846-2876
Email Address
Mailpac Kingston Address 109 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Mailpac Shipping address 1 Aeropost Way
KIN 53452
Miami, FL 33206 USA
International delivery lead time 10 days
Local delivery lead time 15 days
Summer ordering lead time 20 days 

International Shipping Address

For families that are accustomed to ordering online and have an international shipping address ordering from Lands' End is straightforward. Please give 10 days lead time from date of order to delivery from Lands' End.

Local Shipping address

For families that would prefer to have their uniforms shipped to Jamaica, they should use the Mailpac ordering system to avoid paying excessive duty. Mailpac will charge US$4.00 per item from their offices in Miami for pick up in Kingston, this charge includes shipping and duty charges. Please give 15 days lead time from date of order to delivery in Jamaica. 

Ordering Procedure

AISK families must use the following shipping address when ordering from Lands’ End, once the order has shipped, please send us a copy of your invoice to  along with the tracking number for the order:  

 Shipping Address


(Your Name) - AISK
1 Aeropost Way
KIN 53452
Miami, FL 33206 USA

Peter Brown - AISK
1 Aeropost Way
KIN 53452
Miami, FL 33206 USA

Do You Need Assistance or You do not have a credit card?

If you need any assistance signing up for a Lands’ End account or you don't have a credit card that is accepted by Lands’ End, please feel free to stop by our office at 109 Old Hope Road or contact Samantha Ray at 876-846-2876 or

For families that use other shipping companies, you may be open to paying higher duty, shipping and clearing fees, we, therefore, advise that you use Mailpac as we have negotiated a price per uniform item of US$4.00 which includes shipping, duty, and clearing charges.


2 College Green Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica
Tel: 1-876-702-2070-3 | Fax: 1-876-702-2074

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