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Rachael Chandley

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway."


At the age of two, Rachael’s father took her to a farm and put her to sit on a donkey, and there began her deep love of riding and horses. Even though she did not begin riding till the age of six, Rachael grew up around the animals and developed a deep understanding of them. With the encouragement of a family friend, she began horseback riding and has never looked back. Today she is one of the top riders in Jamaica, representing the country in competitions in Martinique, Guatemala and Cayman. Her hopes are set on very soon competing in the USA as well.

Even though Rachael says the sport of horseback riding is a tough one, she feels that one of the best ways of being successful at the sport is by connecting to the horse, a feat she has no trouble doing. Most of her practice involves actual riding (four days a week during school times, and six days a week over the holidays) but on one day she ensures that she grooms and bonds with her horse.

One of Rachael’s greatest challenges in riding is remembering the intricate courses in overseas competitions. However, she has learned to never let her failures determine the outcome of her next ride – she lets go of the past mistakes, puts all her focus on the next ride, and assures herself that she is competing only against herself. Her methods have definitely paid off, granting Rachael victories such as all-around champion of the Medium league in 2013 and 2015, and one of her greatest achievements to date of winning the Hi-Pro Grand Prix, the first time she had ever jumped those heights!

Rachael’s love of horses has set her career goals on veterinary medicine. She feels that riding is a great way to help her gain the discipline, confidence and focus she needs for this goal. Even when she is down, horses immediately lift her spirits, creating a joy and peace of mind that help her through many aspects of life. Her family is also a very big support for her, encouraging her to become the best rider that she can be. 

2 College Green Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica
1-876-702-2070 • 1-876-702-2074

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